Bob Beck Ultimate Blood Electrifier with accessories (9v battery not incl.)

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The BBZ 'Bob Beck Ultimate' from GL Labs'

The "Bob Beck Ultimate" is our premium version of the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier. It comes with convenient applicator pads, and carries a constant 3.9 Hz output. Includes amplitude stabilizing circuitry for steady output throughout the battery life. (With most Bob Beck devices, the output declines over the life of the battery.) One 9 v. alkaline battery gets approximately 100 hours of usage. Comes with reusable pads for easy application and consistent results. Additionally, the blue LED light blinks whenever it is on, so you don't forget to turn it off -- which saves battery life. The unit runs a "self-test" on every pulse. With older units you had to unplug the cable to check the LED --- not as convenient.

Physical dimensions: Dimensions: 3.1 wide x 4.6 height x 1.7 thick.

Please follow the BBZ User Instructions.

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