Chaparral Capsules (100x260mg veggie capsules)

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Alpha Omega Labs was the first company to popularize the use of chaparral in escharotic preparations, beginning in 1990 -- and then at an accelerated pace when we introduced Cansema on the internet in September, 1995. (A history is provided in Chapters 1 through 3 in Meditopia.)

The entire Larrea genus is extraordinarily hardy, living in harsh desert climates for up to 12,000 years. Undoubtedly, indigenous peoples much have deduced its extraordinarily medicinal properties after observing that, unlike other plants, Larrea doesn't have any predators. Its massive array of protective phytochemicals (primarily lignans and flavonoids) keeps away viruses, bacteria, fungi, competitor plants, insects, and rodents. The only exception are small lizards, which eat the flowers when in bloom.

Unlike most of the other offerings in our medical tea category, this product comes pulverized, for maximum diffusion of the active principles (in tea) and absorption if made into capsules. A daily therapeutic dosage would be approximately 300 mg.

The "tea leaves" in this product are so finely pulverized that many users may simply choose to drink with the tea and forego straining. An important note on preparation : the don't call chaparral "creosote bush" in the U.S. for nothing. The taste -- for the vast majority is quite off-putting -- so you will probably elect to improve with honey and lemon.

We know of no medical herb that has a shelf-life that compares to chaparral. We tell customers "ten years," because we've used dried chaparral of that age without ill consequence, as the Salves from which chaparral is made also have a confirmed shelf-life of this span. The truth is that we really don't know the true shelf-life, because we've never heard of any "going bad" -- not in our own lab experience nor in the extant literature. Moreover -- and just as amazing -- we have not seen any variation of powdered chaparral leaf lose potency over time. Read More About this Product

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