Hydreva Whole House Unit - 3/4" Line Threading

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This unit utilizes a natural vortex action proven to remove negative memories imprinted in your water and replaces them with programmed bio-enhancing frequencies. This innovative technology delivers water that your body needs. Allowing water to have a more natural crystalline structure. Ideally installation should occur at the main water supply to your home or business.

Available in 3/4 in. , 1 in. and 2 inches.

A fully Assembled 2-stage whole house filter treats: Chlorine, sediment, turbidity, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical taste and odor problems. Its uses oversized filters, housings, and fittings to ensure your water pressure never falls short. 1st Stage Filter – Quadra gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter. 25 micron surface, 1 micron inner core – designed for purity with bacterial and chemical resistance – Four separate filter layers for enhanced filter performance – typical life cycle 6 – 12 months depending on usage and sediment quantity. 2nd Stage Filter – Radial flow granular activated coconut shell carbon – Chlorine, chemicals, taste and odor removal -100,000 gallons Highest grade coconut shell carbon for maximum chemical contaminant removal. This system comes complete with filters, steel mounting bracket with bolts, housing wrench, instructions.

For more information of Hydreva Whole House Unit visit http://www.altcancer.net/hydreva.htm
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