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We reopened Alpha Omega Labs on June 2, 2008 and have been steadily working on adding our old formulas (and a few new ones) since.

Products are now shipped from Guayaquil, Ecuador or the United States -- at very competitive rates and delivery schedules.

Since we are able to provide a comparable product list for Amazon Salve , Old Amish Dewormer, Neem and Acemannan products from other vendors -- some of our former products are not being shipped into the United States. We will continue to ship our other available products into the United States.

For the latest store availability, please see our order center. Our product line-up now consists of roughly 160 of the more than 350 product items (or SKU's) we previously carried. Approximately 40 additional products (including products from our old order form) are planned for release in the future.

Inquiries can be made at our email support page.