Choo-Choo-Wáso - herbal tincture (8fl.oz.)

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Summarized Description: Choo-choo-Wáso (TM) is an herbal tincture made from the inner bark of "chuchuguazo" (its common name in Pastazan Shuar), a large canopy tree found in the Amazon in Ecuador and Peru (where it is called "chuchuasi" or "chuchuasha.") [ 1 ] It is one of our Amazonian traditionals. [ 2 ] The most common indigenous use of chuchuguazo in the Amazon is the treatment of arthritis -- for which many people have reported success in our travels through the Amazon. See Protocol and Usage section below.

Choo-choo-Wáso (TM) is a potent herbal tincture traditional from the Amazon, commonly used to treat primarily arthritis and bursitis conditions; and secondly, general bone pain and stomach ache. Our version of this product is made with puro (grain alcohol made from sugar cane) and can be consumed fresh or after heating in a tea pan to flash off the alcohol. Like many alcohol-based herbal tinctures, many will find formula overpowering without the addition of honey, molasses or other sweetener.