Graviola (120 Capsules x 500 mg)

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Summarized Description: Graviola (called "Guanabana" in Ecuador) has been well-publicized for its anti-cancer properties. We first reported on it in 2001 when the Health Sciences Institute ran an article entitled, "Billion-dollar drug company nearly squashes astonishing research on natural cancer killer." (Note: it is the position of orthodox medicine that graviola has no proven anti-cancer properties. Our position is neutral, and we merely report the ethnobotanical use of the product and the findings of independent researchers.)
In 2008 we introduced AO Oleander Graviola Blend as an adjunctive tonic with the nerium-based, cancer-fighting preparation, amvirzel. We are now introducing it as a tea, as it is one of the most pleasant tasting tonics we've ever encountered.

Leslie Taylor (RAI) publicized the plant's main actions as "anticancerous, antitumorous, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, (and) hypotensive." (1) A more complete list of medicinal activities can found below, taken from Dr. Duke's work.

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