Jergon Sacha - 120 Capsules x 500mg

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Jergon Sacha (Dracontium spp.) - General Anti-Viral, Asthma, Dermatosis, Gout, Hemorrhoids

Summarized Description: Jergon sacha is a rainforest plant, common to the northwest Amazon -- (ours is harvested from the Peruvian Amazon). Our variety refers to D. longipes, D. loretense, or D. peruviuanum, as all three have the same appearance and properties. Although the primary ethnobotanical use of Jergon is to address snackbites -- (in fact, the plant even LOOKS like the highly poisonous Bothrops (genus) of snakes which grow in the same area of the rainforest) -- it has other important medicinal properties.

Uses & Protocols: Once you get beyond Jergon's use as an antidote for snack and spider bites, stringray wounds, and curare dart attacks -- hardly relevant to most users outside Jergon's native areas -- the next category of medicinal applications tends to be anti-viral. In fact, Jergon is one of three ingredients in a Peruvian AIDS (CIDA) remedy. (The other two ingredients are cat's claw and turmeric). Other common ailments for which Jergon is used ethnobotanically include menstrual disorders, chlorosis, asthma, gout, pertussis, sores, and worms. Dosage: two capsules, two to three times daily.

Warnings & Contraindications: None noted when product used as prescribed.

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