Maria Treben’s Authentic Bedstraw Cream (4oz/118ml)

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Bedstraw Cream (Galium verum) – Maria Treben, the renowned Austrian Herbalist writes glowingly in her bestseller about the benefits of Bedstraw. She tells of how the tea rids the liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen of toxic wastes, along with being very beneficial for disorders of the lymphatic system.

Externally, the tea is beneficial for skin disorders, wounds, boils and blackheads. It makes an excellent face wash as it tightens the skin. Swiss herbalist, Abbe’ (Father) Kuenzel, recommends Bedstraw for goiter, improved thyroid function and disorders of the uterus.

For use as a cream/ointment, it is beneficial along with Calendula cream for malignant skin disorders.

Ingredients: Bedstraw Cream (Galium verum) infusion in Olive Oil and pure Beeswax


The Creams/Ointments are all for topical application use. The preparation for them starts with the herbs being finely chopped, then placed in a roaster or large pot, and covered with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The mixture is allowed to cook for 24 hours and stirred often. The mix is then filtered and pure beeswax is added. Still warm, the cream is poured into previously prepared glass jars or ointment pots. Then allowed to cool and solidify. If you don’t have time to make your own herbal creams, we have done them for you.