Mutamba - 120 Capsules x 500mg

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Mutamba (Guazuma ulmifolia) - Bacterial infections, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Liver / Kidney Disorders, Male Pattern Baldness

Summarized Description: Mutamba, also known as "Bastard Cedar," "bay cedar," and "West Indian elm," is medium-sized tree, growing up to 30 meters high, common to pastures and disturbed forests. Like Jatoba, it is prized both for its value as a hardwood as well as its medicinal uses. Its range of distribution is parts of Mexico, the Carribean, and Central/South America.

Uses & Protocols: Ethnobotanical, medical uses for Mutamba tend to first make use of its antimicrobial profile: it is first used to treat hepatosis, nephrosis, prostatosis, uterosis, dermatosis, gastrosis, pulmonosis, elephantiasis, diarrhea, dysentery, and even gonorrhea. Other medicinal uses include: childbirth, colds, flu, for use as a diuretic and depurative, etc. A more recent and interesting medicinal application is the treatment of male pattern baldness. Japanese researchers reported in a series of studies (2000-2002) that procyanidin B-2, of which Mutamba is rich, promotes hair cell growth and increases the total number of hairs on a "designed hair scalp."

Warnings & Contraindications: Contraindicated for those who are pregnant, have a heart condition, particularly where hypotensive and/or where antihypertensive drugs are taken.

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