Omega LB - 120 500mg Capsules

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Lower Bowel Cleansing Formula

120 Caps (500 mg./ea.)
130 Servings - $28.00

Label Information

What's in It: Each bottle contains 120 capsules (double-"o's"), of about 750 ml. each. The formula is traditional and well-established. Pro-rated to this product it breaks down as barberry bark (95 mg.), cascara sagrada (170 mg.), capsicum (95 mg.), ginger root (80 mg.), red raspberry leaves (80 mg.), turkey rhubarb (80 mg.), fennel (75 mg.), and goldenseal root (75 mg.).

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules, twice daily, or as directed by a health care professional.

Good Health Starts With a Clean Colon

A cavalcade of prestigious physicians over the last two centuries have taught the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy, unobstructed colon. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg emphasized its importance a century before the terms "roughage", "high fiber", and "regularity" became household words and were accepted as being integrally related. Dr. Bernard Jensen, the father of modern iridology, devoted volumes to proving that many diseases could be avoided altogether if proper attention were devoted to proper colon maintenance. This formula, originally created by Dr. John R. Christopher, and in the public domain for many years, is a proven contributor to this process...