Chanca Piedra - Herbal Tea (85g)

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Summarized Description: Chanca Piedra -- which literally means "stone breaker," due to its ability to break up and dissolve kidney stones -- is one of our native traditionals. It also possesses the ability to impair certain calcium-forming organisms ("nanobacteria") which, in turn, cause inflammation and the production of bad calcium in the body. (It is widely believed that a host of disease conditions are tied to the overproduction of bad calcium in the body.)
This product can be used as tea using the instructions below, and it also lends itself to encapsulation by experienced end users.

Uses & Protocols

I. Preparation --- if you can boil water, you can make this product:Professional herbalists will recognize this as a standard decoction.

  1. Add 1.5 Tablespoons Chanca Piedra to a large sauce pan, along with one quart of purified water (0.95 liters). You have enough product in the product bag to do this seven to eight times.
  2. Heat until a very low-level boil or "barely boiling" level has been reached and continue boiling for 5 minutes.
  3. Stir occasionally.
  4. Remove heat source and let cool.
  5. Pour the contents of your pan through a strainer and into a large glass vase or container so as to remove most of the tea fragments.
  6. Dispose of tea fragments.
  7. Drink your tea hot . . . refrigerate glass vase and enjoy later as a refreshing cold tea . . . or refrigerate and reheat later if you want to enjoy the product as a hot tea. You may add cinnamon, lemon, and/or honey to taste. More specific protocols for the use of the product are provided below.

II. Protocols.
Take under the advisement of your naturopath or other health care practitioner.

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