Maria Treben’s Authentic Calendula (Marigold) Cream (4oz/118ml)

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Calendula Cream (Calendula officionalis) – Calendula belongs to the category of plants which are beneficial to malignant-like growths. The tea is beneficial as a blood cleanser and with infectious hepatitis. It cleanses, stimulates circulation and improves healing of wounds.

The cream/ointment brings swift relief in phlebitis, varicose ulcers, fistulas, frost bite and burns. The ointment and pulp of the ointment preparation can be used for ulcers of the breast, even if malignant. It works also on wounds from operations, assisting scar reduction. The Calendula Cream is also excellent for athlete’s foot, along with fungus infections all over the body, especially the genitals. Scabs in and on the nose can easily be remedied with the ointment.

Ingredients: Calendula Cream (Calendula officionalis) infusion in Olive Oil and pure Beeswax

Preparation: Herbal Creams/Salves/Ointments are one of our favorite preparations, which Maria Treben used often. We produce and offer the complete ‘Maria Treben’s Authentic’ line of these creams featured in her over 8-million copy bestselling book, Health through Gods Pharmacy: Advice and Experiences with Medicinal Herbs, which I must emphasize is a marvelous natural healing resource.

The Creams/Ointments are all for topical application use. The preparation for them starts with the herbs being finely chopped, then placed in a roaster or large pot, and covered with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The mixture is allowed to cook for 24 hours and stirred often. The mix is then filtered and pure beeswax is added. Still warm, the cream is poured into previously prepared glass jars or ointment pots. Then allowed to cool and solidify. If you don’t have time to make your own herbal creams, we have done them for you.