The OmniPatch -- Large Rectangular 4" Rectangular, Reusable Programmed Silicone Patch

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The use of "silicone gel patches" and related delivery methods of silicone gel have been used successfully for at least two generations to treat keloid and hypertropic scars, post-operative scars, post-burn scars, acne scars, pre-existing scars, pain and itchiness associated with telangiectasias, onychocryptosis, among other medical conditions.

A common complaint with most existing silicone gel sheets is that they can take 2 to 3 months to work. 6 However, we found that silicone patches could significantly reduce this "treatment period." After working on the Hydreva project and learning the effects of using various frequencies on the healing properties of water, we realized that this same technology could be used on other substrates, in this case silicone gel, to expand and improve functionality.

Our goal was to use this approach to:

1. Extend the functional range of silicone gel patches to not only heal scars, but also curb or eliminate the pain and itchiness so often associates with the use of escharotics, as well as...

2. Speed up the healing process.

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